All workshops are offered for groups of 4 persons.

Please contact me for private or smaller groups.

Meditation workshop

This is a 6 hours workshop exploring various ways to meditate.

Chakras Workshop

This is a 1 day workshop where you will learn about the seven major chakras which are energy centres that run from the base of your spine out the top, or crown, of your head. The word chakra is a Sanskrit word, meaning wheel or disc. There are seven major chakras, each a circular wheel of light spinning in your energetic system, associated with certain body parts, a colour, stone, element, and function. By learning to tune into the energy of your chakras, you can begin to embrace the fullness of who you truly are.

Automatic Writing

Automatic writing or psychography is the way to communicate with the subconscious and or external and or spiritual source. Automatic writing could be a spiritual practice.

Group Spiritual Workshops

As an ordained Minister with Pathways of Light® I offer 8-week Pathways of Light programs (app. 2 hour per week):

Pathways of Light Spiritual Awakening 8-Week Program

Uncover your own innate Wisdom in a nurturing environment of safety and trust. As you share your experience in the group setting, it becomes easier to release the limiting concepts you no longer need. You get in touch with your inner Light and learn that It is always there for you. Old, limiting habits and beliefs dissolve, and you create abundance and peace in your life.

Pathways of Light Healing Inner Child 8-Week Program

Learn how to give your needy inner child the nurturing attention it has always wanted. The shared experience and activities provide a rich opportunity to release limiting fears and bring more unconditional love into your life. Weekly focus cards and a guided meditation tape will help you bring your inner child issues to your Higher Self for transformation.

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