Energy Work

Energy work is a category of complementary and alternative therapies that manipulate the body's energy field to affect changes in the body itself, including relaxation, pain relief, and empowering individuals with vibrational balance and harmony; therefore, encouraging overall well-being in mind, body and soul.

Well suited for persons who are depressed, fatigued, anxious or simply unhappy with life, energy work is also a method of personal growth and spiritual enlightenment. The principle behind energy work is that universal energies surround us and are available to us for alteration purposes. Energy work is a therapeutic method of deep purification that releases old traumas and fears that limit our natural healing capabilities.

Services offered


Reiki is the gentle art of bringing balance to the mind and body. It is a Japanese technique that stimulates the para-sympathetic nervous system and awakens the body’s innate ability to heal itself by restoring balance on all levels: body, mind, emotions and spirit. This system is responsible for the regeneration of cell life in the entire body. A session usually runs 60 minutes, however, a 15 minute Reiki session is a wonderful addition to other sessions.

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As a Reiki Master/Teacher, I can empower you through Reiki training at all levels - I,II, III and Reiki Master. Contact me to book your appointment or for more information.

Intuitive Healing

Over the years, I have found that I am very in tune with my client’s energy field and that I can intuitively sense where there is a need for more balance.

This may present itself in many different forms such as receiving messages from Guides, Angels or parts of you, of which in turn is my duty to relay to you.


Divination is perception by intuition, instinctive foresight.

I use automatic writing or psychography (information coming from a subconscious, external and spiritual source) and Angels Card readings to help people.

Shamanic Reiki

The Shaman is known by many names, Medicine Woman, High Priestess, Witch Doctor, Visionary and the Wise One. The Shaman’s way is a process of knowingness achieved through doing and a coming to the understanding that all life is one. The Shaman is able to allow the essence of life in harmony for the greater good and the benefit of all. By combining the concepts behind Shamanism and Reiki into a single healing session, we increase the benefits, beliefs, and practices of both disciplines. Shamanic Reiki draws its foundations upon concepts of shamanic journeying as well as channeling the living energy in order to create healing techniques that are powerful and effective. Shamanic Reiki is used to ‘’see’’ where to concentrate healing.

We are multi-dimensional beings and the Shaman in understanding this is able to work at many levels largely in altered states of consciousness, similar to our modern day concept of Mediumship and Trance. The Shamanic Reiki energy helps increase the flow of spiritual energy, similar to our modern day concept of Mediumship and Trance. The Shamanic Reiki energy helps increase the flow of spiritual energy, thereby restoring the balance at many levels.


Lightworkers are souls who carry the strong inner desire to spread Light – knowledge, freedom and self-love – on earth. They sense this as their mission and are often attracted to spirituality and/or to therapeutic work of some kind. Each lightworker is here for a sacred purpose.

It is with this intense desire to fulfill a higher purpose that I have discovered my innate spiritual gifts as a psychic communicator, spiritual healer, and sage. With compassion in my heart, extrasensory perceptions as well as a deep care and respect for the planet and all who inhabit her. I utilize all gifts and abilities available and granted to me through a Divine Source, to heal the earth and her population.

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Sacred Touch

God’s Love in Action! Sacred Touch is a Christian Healing method that is very similar to Reiki except that Christian symbols are used during the session. It has similar benefits to and is gentle yet powerful.

Sacred Touch Training is a 2 day training. For those with Reiki levels 2 or higher, the training is 1 day.

Metamorphic Techniques

Metamorphic Technique is a gentle form of foot, hand and head massage. The idea is that it will help the individual’s innate intelligence to free deep blockages in the body’s energy patterns. The founder, British naturopath Robert St.John, said "Metamorphosis heals at the most primary level, that of the principle of life within us. Metamorphosis does not "cure"; it enables us to create a different attitude towards life, and it is this, which alters our troubles, we cease to create illness."

The practice of Metamorphic Massage or Technique can be used on oneself, friends, family and animals. As unconscious tensions ease one will find that they are able to be the person they want to be - happier, healthier, more balanced version of themselves, thus creating a happier homes and a more gentle world.

You can learn the technique, please contact me for information.

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Hanna Kroeger

As a student of the Reverend Hanna Kroeger School of Natural Healing, and a natural health practitioner, I learned the basic body alignments and hands-on-healing techniques along with information on specific conditions. Based on Hanna’s teachings and remedies concerning the 7 physical and 7 spiritual causes of ill health, I have learned to explore and understand the negative effects that processed foods, toxins, parasites and infections have on our body. With the use of a pendulum, a simple instrument to measure energy, Vibrational Readings are taken which will give information about you and the supplements and remedies which can increase your health, vitality, and energy.

My goal, through this method, is to empower you with the knowledge obtained and to give you a clear path to a healthier you.

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Space Cleansing, Clearing & Blessings

It is just as important to cleanse a place energetically as it is to clean a space physically. Doing a full space cleansing ceremony can have a major effect on things, and improve the flow of energy.

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